Keflora, Moulinex YOGURTEO” DJC1 41 yogurt machine’s redesign, is a non electricity powered yogurt machine that uses Kefir** for making yogurt.
The main goal of this project was to innovate in the concept of yogurt machines following IHOBE*’s eco-design methodology so as to reduce the environmental impact these machines have and reach their target consumer more effectively.
Read more The reason for selecting a yogurt machine for the redesign was mainly their lack of success in the market and the identified possibility of attracting eco-consumers, a non-stop increasing consumer trend.
As a result of this eco-design process Keflora was created. This yogurt machine is easy to use, dismantle and clean as well as aesthetically attractive and eco-friendly

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Eco-analysis of the yogurt machines, research for eco-design, conceptualisation, 3D modelling, visual design.


  • This project was developed at Mondragon Unibertsitatea
  • Time: 4 weeks university project
  • Team members: Enara Agirrezabala, Maitane Garcia and Nere Karrera
keflora yogurt machine design sketching yogurt machine product design process produt's different parts sketches of the yogurt machine usage